Embrace the future at Lindholmshamnen

Take a break on the dock. A cup of coffee in hand. The sun to the southwest. The splash of waves and sparkle of water. The wind off the sea. That feeling – right in the heart of the city.

The first 91 owner-occupied flats will be in Brf Futura Lindholmsallén. Here, you will find space-efficient options if you are ready to buy your first home, and larger flats for families or for couples who want to downsize from a house to a simpler lifestyle. Move-in is planned for 2023/2024.



Welcome to tomorrow’s reality

Futura is not only a block of new, well-planned homes and exciting architecture. It is also a vision for the future that is now becoming a reality. An intention to give more people of all ages and stages of life the opportunity for a more sustainable home, with a nice community and excellent quality of life in an inspiring setting. Welcome to tomorrow’s reality. Welcome to Futura.

Sitting down on the wooden deck at Lindholmshamnen is truly special. The proximity to the water and vast views of the river and mainland offer an unbeatable sense of freedom. The sun has free room to play here, all day long. You can reach Stenpiren by ferry in six minutes.

And just a stone’s throw away, we are building the Futura block. It will be a vibrant mini city unto itself, with different forms of housing for all ages – in the heart of one of Gothenburg’s most exciting and dynamic neighbourhoods.

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Rent-to-own – How it works

Feel at home in Futura

Younger or older, singles, couples or families with children – Brf Futura Lindholmsallén has space for everyone. Whatever your needs may be, you can look forward to a beautiful, pleasant home built with thoughtfulness and care.

Materials that last and a sense of home The very walls of
Brf Futura Lindholmsallén are infused with over 80 years of home-building experience. These buildings are well-planned, solidly constructed and carefully considered through and through, from the inside out. The facade’s overlapping brick shingles and sheet material in understated colours as well as the wood-clad recessed entrances create an elegant, welcoming appeal. The stairwells feature light, cool colours balanced by details in natural materials like wood-clad doors and oak handrails.

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The flats are characterised by the same high quality. Whether the home you choose is small or large, you can look forward to a thoroughly high-quality and well-planned space. Most of the apartments with windows facing two directions have a balcony or outdoor space facing the common courtyard.