Buying a newly built apartment in Sweden

The time between deciding to buy and moving in can vary, depending on at which stage you enter the process as a buyer. You receive constant updates on your new home after you sign the agreement and before you move in.

This is what happens when you buy a home from us:

1. Find your dream home

Search among our projects all over the country (in Swedish)

2. Register your interest

Once you've found an apartment or a project (or several?) that you are interested in, you register your interest and receive constant updates about the project and showings (see the project's separate website to register). If you're interested in a home that is already completed you can often register your interest at the showing.

3. Enter a preliminary agreement between yourself and the housing cooperative

This guarantees that you, as the buyer, can acquire a certain apartment. The agreement is based on the cooperative's cost calculation which is registered at the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket). When you enter a preliminary agreement, your credit rating is checked and you receive an invoice through the post for an advanced amount, which is part of your deposit.

4. Sign a leasing agreement and pay a deposit

Once the cooperative's final financial plan has been registered by Bolagsverket, we send the leasing agreement to you. You sign the agreement and send it back to us. We then send you an invoice for the deposit on your new home. Normally, you pay 10 per cent of the down-payment minus the advanced amount you paid when you signed the preliminary agreement.

5. Add your personal preferences with an "optional extras" agreement

You can choose how your apartment will be decorated and in some cases influence the layout. The options you have to influence your home depend on the housing project you are buying into and at what stage of development you enter the process as a buyer. The optional extras agreement is a separate agreement between yourself and Riksbyggen. The most common arrangement is that you pay 20 per cent of the cost for the extras when you order them and the rest when you move in.

6. Move in an make your final payment

The final payments for the apartment and your extras and your first monthly charge must have been made on the day you have access to your new home (the annual charge is paid monthly in advance, as from the day you have access to the apartment). When the payments have been made, you receive the keys to your new home. When you move in, you receive a "Welcome To Your New Home" file, which contains operating instructions (for white goods, radiators, etc.). To prepare you for moving in, we send out information in good time in the form of newsletters or arrange information meetings.

7. Inspection and guarantee

In connection with the completion of all building work, your new home will be inspected by an expert. There is then a guarantee period of five years. Another inspection of all buildings and land is carried out after two years. At the end of the guarantee period, a check of any faults registered during the guarantee period is made, and Riksbyggen rectifies any faults noted by the inspector.

We stay on and manage the building

In contrast to our competitors, Riksbyggen manages all its new homes and takes care of all property service, technical and financial management on behalf of the housing cooperative for five years. Thereafter, the housing cooperative decides whether its wants to change property manager or not.

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