FAQ for HomeQ

Our housing rental and housing queue is moving to HomeQ, Sweden's largest marketplace for rental properties. There are a number of convenient functions that helps you find your dream apartment and makes the application process as quick and easy as possible. On HomeQ, you will find available rental apartments from landlords all over the country in one que.

Important dates

  • May 30 - last day to submit consent
  • August 31 - last day to create an account with HomeQ

Riksbyggen connects to HomeQ

Riksbyggen joins HomeQ to make it easier for you who are in our housing queue to find a rental property. On HomeQ, rental properties from several different property companies/landlords are listed in the same queue, which makes it easier for you to find a home.

If you want your purchase points and personal data at Riksbyggen to be transferred to HomeQ, we need your consent. You do this through the email that you have received with a link to the consent. You also need to register an account at HomeQ with the same email address as at Riksbyggen.

Questions about registration and queue management

Can I register for HomeQ already?

You can register an account at HomeQ immediately. Your purchase points from Riksbyggen will be published on your account from 7 June 2023. Please, remember to consent to your purchase points being transferred by 30 May 2023. 

I'm having trouble creating an account on HomeQ. What should I do?

Contact HomeQ's support if you experience technical problems. You can reach them via their chat or via email.

Does it cost anything to create an account in HomeQ?

HomeQ is free of charge.

Do I have to register with HomeQ before a certain date to keep my purchase points?

You need to register an account at HomeQ by 31 August 2023 to keep your purchase points from Riksbyggen. You also need to have submitted consent for your purchase points to be transferred from Riksbyggen to HomeQ by May 30, 2023. Use the same email address when you register at HomeQ as you have at Riksbyggen.

Will there be several different queues at HomeQ?

No, there is one collective queue for all apartments published at HomeQ . You do not have to register in several different queues.

Why do I need to use BankID?

BankID is used to identify you. This ensures that no unauthorized person can see your credit history or search for an apartment in your name.

Can I register with HomeQ without Bank ID?

From April 27, you can register on HomeQ without a Bank ID by scanning your ID card and using it for registration and login. Read more about how to register at HomeQ.

How do I find out which email address I have registered with Riksbyggen?

You can find your registered email address in the email we have sent you or under settings in Mitt Riksbyggen.

Can I withdraw my consent?

You can withdraw your consent by contacting us at info@riksbyggen.se

What do I do if I lost the consent email?

You will receive an email with a reminder at the beginning of May, in which a new consent link will be enclosed. 

I don't have the option to apply digitally, is there any other way to submit an expression of interest?

No, HomeQ only offers digital queue management. If you do not have access to a computer, ask a relative or friend, or borrow a computer at a local library, in order to give consent and register an account at HomeQ and apply for available apartments.

How old do I have to be to join the queue at HomeQ?

To register with HomeQ you must be 18 years old.

Questions about purchase points

I already have purchase points with Riksbyggen, will they appear on HomeQ?

Your purchase points will be published on HomeQ from 7 June 2023, provided that you have submitted your consent to Riksbyggen transferring the purchase points. You have do this by 30 May 2023 through the email you have received from Riksbyggen.

Are my purchase points with Riksbyggen included if I already have a HomeQ account from before?

Your purchase points with Riksbyggen are transferred to HomeQ once you have given consent to Riksbyggen to do so. You will need do this by 30 May 2023. After that, your purchase points from Riksbyggen will be published on your HomeQ account from 7 June 2023.

You must use the same e-mail address at HomeQ as at Riksbyggen.

Where can I find my current purchase points for Riksbyggen's tenancy queue?

You will find your purchase points at Riksbyggen by logging in to our queuing portal (Available rental properties and parking spaces), click on "My choices" and then "Queuing place".

My purchase points I had with Riksbyggen are not visible, what do I do now?

You need to give your consent for Riksbyggen to transfer your purchase points no later than 30 May 2023, you do this through the email you have received from Riksbyggen.

Your purchase points from Riksbyggen will be published on your HomeQ account from 7 June 2023. Check that you have used the same email address on HomeQ as on Riksbyggen. If you do not see your purchase points despite this, please contact Riksbyggen.

Which purchase points from Riksbyggen are transfered to HomeQ?

The purchase points being transfered to HomeQ refers to purchase points regarding rental apartments. This does not apply to purchase points in the priority queue for condominiums.

Are my points on HomeQ reset to zero once I've got an apartment?

The purchase points are reset to zero after you have signed a rental contract and the landlord has confirmed the rental in HomeQ. You then need to wait 90 days before you can submit a new expression of interest.

If you have co-applicants, the purchase points for both of you are set to zero, even if only one of you is on the contract.

Note that the purchase points are not reset to zero for short-term contracts, student housing and youth apartments.

How are the purchase points added up if I already have purchase points with both HomeQ and Riksbyggen?

Your existing points with HomeQ will not be affected. The points from Riksbyggen count as bonus points in addition to your existing points in HomeQ.  The bonus points only apply to apartments rented out by Riksbyggen. 

If I am listed in several rental ques in Riksbyggen, how does my purchase points from Riksbyggen count at HomeQ?

Your highest purchase points will be transfered to Home Q. At HomeQ, your purchase points will work as bonus points for Riksbyggen rental apartments. 

Questions about expressions of interest

Can I submit an expression of interest for as many apartments as I want?

You can have a maximum of five (5) active expressions of interest at a time.

If an apartment for which you have submitted an expression of interest becomes 'reserved' to another applicant, it will no longer count as an active expression of interest. This means that you can express interest in another apartment without having to remove your registration on the reserved apartment.

Special objects such as student apartments, short-term contracts and new production are also not included in the maximum limit of the five active expressions of interest you can have.

Can I leave my interest in an apartment to someone else, for example my child or a friend?

No, the person submitting the expression of interest must be the person who will be on the lease. The membership is personal and cannot be used to submit an expression of interest for anyone else.

Other questions

How long are the ads for vacant apartments published?

The advertisements for vacant apartments are listed until the landlord has signed a contract with an applicant.

Who do I contact if I have questions about an apartment, Riksbyggen or HomeQ?

Questions regarding the apartments and information in the advertisements are answered by each respective landlord.